About this Lesson Module:

Welcome to the second lesson module in our "Understanding Sensory Soundness" series, crafted to delve deeper into the intricate world of equine psychology. In this module, we begin to explore the foundational principles of interpretive ratio.

Here is the trailhead where we begin to peer through the enigma of time, its perception and how it manifests through a horse's sensory system. We explore the concept of duration over distance and the critical role interpretive rate plays in the accumulation of stress and overall performance capacity.

The first step to mapping the sensory system and discovering the true nature of Sensory Soundness is by taking a view from the hoof. This lesson module evolved as an extension of my ongoing work in evaluating horse-athletes in creating coaching programs that fit their psychological patterns and sensory aptitudes. It became clear to me, as I began work on Lesson Module Two, that on our road through the mind of the horse there are many stops, and my recent discoveries in this area play such a significant role in the horse’s domesticated life, that going forward without their inclusiveness would be like removing an important chapter from a book. To understand the context of sensory soundness is to gain an appreciation for the totality of its impact. Module Two serves as a prequel to the previously planned and outlined, now

Module Three.

The fundamentals of interpretative ratio that you are about to be introduced to are in my opinion among the most profound discoveries of my life. Setting the stage through your expanding knowledge of it we travel together along this engaging road of mystery. Whether you ride for pleasure, are in pursuit of a gold medal, or seeking that Grade 1 win on the track, this introduction to the concepts of duration v/s distance, sensory soundness v/s sensory unsoundness, and the impact you have on performance aptitude relative to them, will upgrade and uplift your ability to understand and emotionally connect, with any horse.

In this module can be found:

In-depth Insights: Discover how a horse’s sensory soundness affects their ability to process environmental stimuli and maintain focus under pressure.

Practical Knowledge: Learn how actionable strategies to enhance your horse’s sensory efficiency will ensure peak performance and mental resilience.

Expert Guidance: Benefit from Kerry’s extensive expertise and pioneering research in equine athletic psychology and the sensory processes that mitigate the heavy weight of emotional stress.

This lesson module is designed to empower you with the knowledge to improve your horse’s competitive edge by understanding and leveraging their sensory strengths. Join me on this journey to elevate your equine partnership and unlock new levels of performance.

Thank You! ~ Kerry

Course curriculum

Module Two

    1. Understanding Sensory Soundness, Module Two

    2. The Origin of the Psychological Pace Index

    3. Psychological Pace Index

    4. Standard Characteristics of Athletic Intelligence

    5. Elite Athletic Intelligence; Standard Independent Nature IHD

    6. Elite Athletic Intelligence; Standard Independent Nature GHD

    7. Advanced Athletic Intelligence:

    8. Advanced Athletic Intelligence; Standard Herd Leaders IHD

    9. Advanced Athletic Intelligence; Standard Herd Leaders GHD

    10. Common Athletic Intelligence:

    11. Common Athletic Intelligence; Standard Mid-Level Herd Horses IHD

    12. Common Athletic Intelligence; Standard Mid-Level Herd Horses GHD

    13. Graph for Sensory Soundness

    14. Index for Sensory Soundness

    15. Lesson Two Module One, Summary

    16. Note from the Author

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